Postie is a Celeste inspired platformer for the GameBoy (Color) made in seven days for the Game Boy Showdown 2022.

The annual postman competition takes place at the Castle of Ribe. A race to the top of the castles highest tower shall decide who is the fastest mail deliverer and is allowed to call himself postie of the year.

Game Boy: 
Movement -  D-Pad
Jump - A Button
Throw ball - B Button
Restart - Start Button
Sound menu (only on title screen) - Select Button

Movement - WASD or Arrow Keys 
Jump - J or Z Key
Throw ball  - K or X Key
Restart - Enter Key
Sound menu (only on title screen) - Shift Key

Share your fastest time and other achievments on RetroAchievements.

Logo Font - Thaleah by TinyWorlds
Music - Remixed by Tronimal 


Postie-1.1.gbc 256 kB
Postie-1.1.pocket 256 kB
Postie-1.0.gbc 256 kB
Postie-1.0.pocket 256 kB


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im sure its not a bad game, but the controls and speed of your character dont really match the level design and it feels janky

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its really cool game, good job boe!


Fun game. I created an achievement set for it on RetroAchievements.

Epic, thanks for that!

Thanks a lot. I'm very flattered. The link to your RetroAchievements page is now part of the game description.


Fun & smooth as butter! Great music & sprites too. I found out the hard way that start is RESTART and not PAUSE though haha.

Happy to hear you enjoyed playing my game. I wasn‘t sure which button to use for RESTART and went with start button because select is already used for the music selection on the title screen. 

Man, your updated wall jump and wall slide feels SO GOOD!! I'd love to pick your brain to see how it was achieved. The dust burst on wall jump is great too. Really well done!

I‘m happy to hear you like the overhauled wall jump/slide. A little tutorial on these mechanics for GBStudio Central is in the works.

Oh rad!!

Deleted 263 days ago

I'm happy you enjoyed playing my game. I'm going to send you a screenshot of the GBStudio platformer settings I used on Twitter. The basic idea is to set the minimum and walk velocity to the same value and a high deceleration. Because I'm generally bad at playing platformers I don't like it when the player builds up speed and thus needs some time to stop after you've released the button. It adds an extra layer of difficulty for me.
The player sprite is 8x8 pixels. I made it so small to have enough space to work with for my single screen levels without scrolling.
You can listen to my original song in the game. Just press Select on the title screen to choose between Tronimal's remix and my original  song.

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Nice gameplay and pretty art! It got tricky at the end


This is one of the best platformers I've seen so far for the GB... reminds me a lot of Super Meatboy! Love the instant respawning, the game flows so well.


Thanks for joining the jam and DELIVERING such a cool game in only 7 days! :)
I really like the wall jump mechanic. And it's hard but fun to play. 
It was a pleasure to work on the little remix song as well!


i got 1:56 on my first run :0


That's a good time. I haven't been able to get under two minutes so far.