Dusky Dungeon is a simple Dungeon Crawler for the Game Boy Color and original Game Boy. This is an early demo containing the first level and boss.


You are the latest apprentice of the Cat School for Swordplay and Wizardry. As your first task you have to face the many horrors of the Dusky Dungeon.  


Game Boy:
Movement -> D-Pad
Attack -> B Button
Interact -> A Button
Inventory -> Start Button

Movement -> WASD or Arrow Keys 
Attack -> K or X Key
Interact -> J or Z Key
Inventory -> Enter Key


Code and Graphics 

Title & Game Over Screen: Monty's Overheating Spaceship by krümel
Choose Level: Short Hauntings by DeerTears
Level: Darkstone Remix by Tronimal (Original by DeerTears)
Dragon Boss: Boss Fight 1 by krümel
All music is from the GB-Studio-Community-Assets project.

Gothic Pixel Font by Dacosta
Romulus by Pix3M (slightly adapted width of some characters to fit with GBStudio)

GB StudioAseprite and Tiled

GBStudio project on GitHub


DuskyDungeon-0.2.0.gb 512 kB
DuskyDungeon-0.2.0.pocket 512 kB
DuskyDungeon-0.1.0.gb 256 kB

Install instructions

Use a Game Boy Emulator to play Dusky Dungeon on your computer or a flashcard to play it on any Game Boy.

Development log


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Cute little game, did a short playthrough on my channel =) 

Thanks so much! This means a lot to me

I'd buy this in physical form, keep up the great work!

Art style and concept work really well; it has a lot of potential.

Very good! I hope you will continue developing the game.

Love the art and colors of this game. Very fun and look forward to seeing a physical copy if you make one

Very nice and satisfying to play! Agreed with others, the art style is great too.

Really cool! :)
I love the style.

ZXSpectrum vibes! Cool game, looking forward to playing more of this!

(1 edit)

Cute game. I love it. 

I'm happy you enjoyed it

Looks very C-64! Nice job!

Thanks :)